Shopping List before 2012 ends.

Winter is the best season of the year! Well,not because of the snow or christmas or whatever. I live in a tropical country and you guys might think "How can she actually like winter when there’s no winter in her country at all?!" Yep. I love it coz it’s the SALE season of the year. HAHA~! Korea, to be very specific! Almost all the Korean cosmetic brands I love are having their product prices slashed almost 50~70% OFF! My shopping spirit is going crazy inside me. It needs to be released, like really. 

While all the boutiques in Korea are on SALE, their Philippine branches seem to not care about it since they don’t do the same. Oh yeah, they may be on sale but only on very selected, limited, not-so-good items. Unlike in Korea wherein the sale applies for everything. So then I decided to place my orders in an online mall based in Korea. Will save me a lot of money and effort as well. <3

Now to my shopping list!

1. Etude House Princess Etoinette Crystal Powder, Lipstick and Blusher.


It was love at first sight. I didn’t even bother looking for reviews on naver which I normally do. I immediately added it on my cart on I wish I could get the entire line but I’m no rich girl. I might just but the rest next pay day. kkkk~

2. A’pieu Luminous Blending Cream

If you guys know the Korean brand Missha, then A’pieu is their sister brand which caters to younger ladies with its girly packaging and more affordable price. I love highlighters and shimmery pearl creams because I love how the effect looks like on the face. I wanted to try this out coz I’ve seen a couple of good reviews! Look!

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Pretty!! Isn’t it?!

3. A’pieu Neo Collagen Make Up Base

I’ve been meaning to get a purple and green base for myself. The last time I owned one was ages ago and it’s from The Face Shop. Now I think I wanna try these collagen bases from A’pieu. The cute packaging is really tempting! Plus, it’s on 50% OFF. Yes to Sale!! Yooohhhhh~ <3 <3

4. Missha The Style Art Designing Foundation

Of course, I have to get something from Missha. Missha is on SALE too~! Up to 50% OFF! Ugh soooo cool!! <3 I decided to get myself a foundation. I heard Missha foundations are long lasting. This foundation I chose lasts for 12hrs!

5. Missha Prism Multi Blusher

Well, I’ve read several reviews on Naver and a lot of them said this blusher is not that pigmented BUT it does a very good job on highlighting coz of its subtle shimmers. I think I want that! hahaha~ <3

I’m just so excited to receive my orders! It’ll be sent through Korean Express Mail like what always use to ship parcels, so it’ll take a week or less. Oh and they give a lot of freebies since Korean boutiques really give a lot. This is the second time I bought from the shop and I’m so happy with their fast and easy service! Yaay~I’m so excited to share reviews of these to you guys. Especially from the brand A’pieu coz I really don’t get much reviews on their products on Google. 

Go check out guys~! They have this Buying Service thingy wherein they’ll get pretty much anything you want to buy just as long as it is available in Korea. <3 Shop with me!



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