Etude House Princess Etoinette Crystal Powder Review.

"Hello Princess!" Something I love hearing every time I enter Etude House Boutiques. kkk~ I’ve always been a fan of Etude because I’ve never seen such pretty cosmetic packaging before it. If you’re one of my regular readers, you would know how crazy am I when it comes to pretty, princessy, pink makeup packaging! And yes, Etude House really knows how to make girls like me..very very crazy! Just look at their new collection!!!



Just look at that beautiful beautiful beeeeee-autiful packaging~ I couldn’t help myself but to get some. So today, i’ll review one of the products from their latest collection "Princess Etoinette".


I knew I had to get one and so I included this on my shopping list before 2012 ended. Remember that blog post?

I bought this along with other Korean makeup at’s a shop based in Korea so I can get Korean cosmetics at a much lower price not worrying about the shipping because they offer free shipping worldwide~ 


It’s pretty in every way, on every side! kkk~


The product description is truly tempting, don’t you think? Well for me it’s actually attractive! You guys know I always go for a dewy or semi-shimmery kind of look~ kkkk. This crystal loose powder is totally me!



Pretty, Princessy packaging, right? But here’s my say with the packaging. Yes, it is truly beautiful but it’s not something you can bring just anywhere especially if you’re carrying a pouch or a small clutch bag with you. This packaging is too bulky and it looks kinda weird when you’ll go retouch in the public restroom with this. kkk~

I usually don’t carry this around but when I do, I make sure my bag is big! kkk~


The packaging is pretty in every detail~! The cover even has this pretty, lacy-looking details. <3 so cute! This packaging is just like the makeup containers back in the Victorian days.


Ohmeeeee I am dying with cuteness! Look at this princess puff! The truth is, I haven’t used this yet. kkkk~ It is too pretty to use so I usually apply this powder with a brush. kkkkk~ It has this floral lace details and a pink ribbon on top. <3


It is sealed, of course. And even the sticker seal is pretty! I didn’t throw it. hahaha! <3 


I can smell the scent of this powder even with the seal on. This powder smells like flowers. It’s not that strong and it eventually fades upon application.



The powder is finely milled and though there are shimmers, they are nothing chunky. In fact, the shimmers are very subtle and they all look pretty under the light!


The powder is pink but it doesn’t really look pinkish on the face. You know the old Pond’s Pink Powder that we used to have in high school which makes like we have put blusher all over our faces. Oh nononono..terrible. kkkk~ This Princess Etoinette Crystal Powder does not do that, it’s more of a translucent powder.

Here’s a swatch of the powder without blending it yet.


And when blended, the finish looks like this.

The tiny shimmers have a very pretty, illuminating effect when applied. The finish looks prettier when the lights hit it. 


Before showing you a photo of me wearing the powder on, i’ll show you a shameless photo of me without makeup on. kkk~ So you’ll see the difference. Here it is:

Pale like a person dying and dark circles like a panda crying for days. kkk~ But yes, my face looks moist, right? I’m currently loving this Moistfull Collagen Trial set that included along with my orders as a freebie. 

I LOVEEEE this set! It makes my skin really smooth and moisturized~! This makes my makeup easier to apply because it leaves my skin really smooth. =) I love the toner, emulsion and especially the cream! I am going to buy the full-sized products. I MUST. YOU MUST.  I haven’t mentioned the serum, oh i’m not very impressed with it..It’s..uhmm…sticky! kkkk~ It makes my skin really sticky. so I would just go with the three I have mentioned. kkkk~

Anyway, back to the Princess Etoinette Crystal Powder, here’s a photo of me wearing it. I have applied Luview Crystal Cover BB cream underneath and brushed the crystal powder afterwards.

I love this powder! It’s pretty long lasting too and it prevents my face from oiling up. Approximately, this powder stays on my face for like 5~6 hours.

OVERALL RATING: 4.5/5 (the missing 0.5 goes for the bulky packaging)

What do you think about it? kkkk~

I am now going to leave you with a picture of my cute little puppy, Joongki. <3 kkkk~

See you on my next post!! hahahaha~ >_<

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