Etude House Woo~Baby Lip Plumper Review.

My lips aren’t really pouty, but who doesn’t want to achieve pouty looking lips? Lippies are my addiction as well, though I have to choose them carefully because my lips are crazily sensitive, if they don’t like the lippies i’m wearing, they go crazy and chap~.

Anyway, this lip plumper from Etude House didn’t fail me at all. It was totally worth buying, and I totally love it because it gives you a super cool feeling after applying it. As in really really cool~i can describe the feeling as "minty".

It’s amazing, and the applicator is very nice. It’s made of plastic and not sponge. It’s really specially designed so that the lip color you put before it won’t smudge or won’t be erased at all. Because usually, sponge tip applicators tend to absorb the first lip color you’ve put. Here’s a photo on how it looks like when applied. 


See? It’s nice isn’t it? It made my lips look pouty and cute..hahahahaha~ (I think.) But yeah, it’s very nice, and it feels so cool~it seems like there are tiny ice particles on my lips. ♥

Okay, so this one is a plain gloss, no shimmery glitters, no color. But this one actually comes in two shades, the pink one has cute tiny shimmers in it, I would buy that one next time I pay a visit at Etude House. It’s because the last time I went there, it was Out of Stock.So yeah~The pink one looks like this:

Yeah~so if I would rate this little baby, I would say it’s a 5/5 for me. It’s cute and it’s also not messy to wear. 

~And for the lip color I used, that one is from Etude House’s Wonder Lip Land palette.♥

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