LUVIEW Crystal Cover BB Cream Review.

Hi there~!♥ I was keeping this post in my Drafts folder for a while, but then, now I’m done with it and so I can share this BB cream to you, my lovely readers.♥

If you’re one of my regular readers, then you might have read my previous post regarding my parcel from Korea Cosmetics which includes super elegant products from LUVIEW Cosmetics Korea. It’s a Korean brand that offers high end cosmetics with pure mineral contents. ohhhh~~♥

About LUVIEWLUVIEW is a word the came from the words LUMINOUS+VIEW. They produce cosmetics with highly optimized oriental formula enriched with minerals.

At first, I mispronounced this by saying "Loo-view" but in Hangeul it says"러뷰" which is read as "Leobyu", sounds like "Love you" ne?

I’ve received several stuff from this brand and I was quite impressed of the packaging. Elegant and Expensive looking~! Oh well, I’ve always loved that kind of red color.



And yes!! I am very impressed that it has English descriptions and instructions. Oh yeaaaa~♥


You can see all the details on the box, like it says there, it contains jewelry ingredients, which is a total hit nowadays! It was discovered that jewels and crystals have contents that can make the skin at its best possible condition. It also offers perfect cover~! So yeah, for acne marks, uneven skin tone and unwanted spots on the face. Plus it has soothing effects and gives balanced moisture supply and helps troubled skin recovered!



♥ Oh geeeeee~I love this elegant red color.


Truly beautiful, isn’t it? You guys know I’m very particular with packaging. So this is probably a 5/5 for me. Simple but elegant, it definitely looks like a high-end item and not some cheap stuff you can buy anywhere~♥

You can also notice that there’s a stopper in the mouth of the bb cream. It’s a very good thing since you can just go slide thiss bb cream into your travel bag without worrying that the product would spill out.


I’ve always loved this type of pump because it does not make the product too bulky though you may want to be careful with it because it tends to give you more of the product than what you really need. But then, you could see how handy it is! It’s not bulky that those people who carry around mini make up pouches will definitely like this.


I got mine in #1 Light Beige and my first thought is that it might be too light for me. Oh well, let’s see~



waittttttttt~Not till it blends, okay?♥


I actually blended this very well using my hand and I do think it’s a little too light. BUT~!! I tried blending it with a sponge wedge and it’s exactly the same with my skin tone. It looks very natural!


Does it give perfect and full coverage? It does give coverage though it’s not too heavy to cover major face troubles. Since this product offers “Natural Oriental Beauty”, then the coverage it gives suits well for giving you a Natural look. Not to thick so it’s not gonna cake.


Trying to cover my tiny mole..kkkk~Why do I have a lot of moles? kkkkkk~


It covered my mole naturally, like what I’ve said, not too heavy. It’s actually a good thing for me coz It won’t feel sticky and there’s a very small tendency for it to cake.

I hate BB creams that cake at the end of the day, so I tried it out before going out. The weather was so hot, and it was annoying. This is LUVIEW’s Crystal Cover BB Cream’s first test! hahahaha~

I went out afternoon, and then I arrived home at 9:00pm after having my dinner out. I didn’t do any retouch on my face, all I had for my retouch are my lips and eyebrows.

My skin looks naturally bright~! Not oily and it didn’t cake at all, it naturally evens out my skin tone despite my crazy cheek redness.hahaha! ~I’m so lucky the BB creams I’m getting nowadays does not cake a lot~♥ The Crystal Cover BB cream does not look too reflective on cam, meaning, it truly minimizes oil. The Crystal Cover BB Cream also has UV Protection SPF30!! Oh yes, it’s perfect for a country with a very hot weather like mine. kkkkk~♥

It’s not available in most countries yet, but I’m truly looking for it’s arrival here in my country. That would be very great! ♥ Check LUVIEW’s website to see more  of their♥

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